• Bathroom Lighting Buyer's Guide

    Bathroom Lighting Buyer's Guide
    Are you looking to redecorate your bathroom? Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts have already caught on to the fact that a little extra design work in the bathroom goes a long way. A simple and inexpensive way to enhance the look of a bathroom is through careful lighting design. Good bathroom lighting is easy to overlook, but a savvy decorator can see plenty of opportunities...
  • Lighting a Small Bathroom

    Lighting a Small Bathroom
    <p>Everyone is downsizing. From small urban apartments to eco-friendly tiny houses, little is the new big. But just because a bathroom is small (under 50 sq. ft.) doesn’t mean it can’t have a beautiful, impressive lighting design. Let’s go over everything you need to know to light your small bathroom.</p>
  • Your Guide To Lighting Styles

    Your Guide To Lighting Styles
    Although the world of lighting is packed with unique designs, most fixtures draw their inspirations from a few distinct stylistic families. This simple breakdown makes it far easier to pick your favorites and coordinate them with other decor elements.
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