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Add Depth to Your Ceilings With Pendant Lights

What does it take to elevate interior designs holistically? Adding ceiling-mounted pendant lights is the easiest way to make a pervasive change that grants an entire room a vivid new perspective. With the ability to bathe your surroundings in the lighting of your choice, who can say what stylistic boundaries you'll break?

What Makes a Pendant Light Special?

There are many ways to design an interior layout that gives your home a fresh lease on life. Starting from the top down is one of the most effective strategies because it lets you make sweeping changes while remaining confident in the fact that you don't have to worry about whether you'll set the right tone.

Because ceiling pendants are made to dominate space subtly as they capture visual focus, they have the unrivaled power to establish a thematic current. Not everyone has what it takes to devote themselves to professional interior design, but anyone can make a resounding statement with the right pendant light.

Smart Pendant Design Tips

So how will you make the most of this egalitarian form of accessible lighting? It's smart to begin by looking at the basics. Is your room large enough to install the fixture that you like best without feeling crowded? If you're unsure, try measuring how much of a buffer zone you're leaving around and below the pendant to get a better feel for the dynamics of your free space. Correct claustrophobic layouts by choosing smaller pendant lights.

Does the light that you're in love with match your existing wall sconces, lamps and other furnishings? If not, check to see if you can customize it with different shades, diffuser elements or materials.

Which Pendant Suits You Best?

There's definitely a pendant for you somewhere out there. It's just a question of finding it, and getting to know the options makes the process easier.

One of the most interesting aspects of pendant lighting design is that these elements do more than you might expect with conventional materials. For example, you can express your taste for haute couture in the refinement of glass without limiting yourself to panes or plain transparency by picking textured elements in a variety of colors, aesthetically pleasing shapes and diverse sizes. Pendant lights don't even necessarily have to look like lamps. Yours can double as a visual centerpiece that wouldn't be at all out of place in the middle of a contemporary art installation. And, with designer pieces, displaying styles ranging from modern to transitional, you will surely find one that works for you.

You might favor the sleek black hues of handcrafted cast metal or the burnished sheen of hammered copper. Or you may crave the calming companionship of organic forms. You can even choose grouped or modular elements that let you create something nobody else in the world has.

Don't let lighting become the sticking point in your otherwise perfect interior layout. Chat with an expert at Lamps Expo about finding the pendant that highlights your sensibilities flawlessly.

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