Elk Lighting

About ELK Lighting

ELK Lighting got its start when Russell King, Jonathan Lesko and Adolf Ebenstein came together in 1983 to create a bold new lighting brand. After building up their original location in Eastern Pennsylvania, they'd eventually grow to become a nationwide force. From this firm's inception until the present day, its founders have continually made efforts to branch out further and provide more comprehensive design solutions. For instance, in addition to hiring internationally renowned lighting artisans, the company also brought furniture designers, mirror craftspeople and others on board. Although this broad range of specializations sets the company apart from many of its competitors, it caters to those who prefer to approach design from a more holistic standpoint.

What Does This Brand Look Like Today?

With a design studio in New York and locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and High Point, North Carolina, ELK Group International has a catalog that contains more than 9,000 products. In addition to ELK Lighting, the firm's brands include Dimond Lighting, Dimond Home, GuildMaster, Sterling and Cornerstone. It sells its fixtures at its own branded stores as well as online and through various distributors. ELK Group International brands are distinguished from each other by the kinds of fixtures and furnishings they create. For instance, Dimond Lighting incorporates organic and human-made materials into its LED- and fluorescent-ready lamps and ceiling mounts. Cornerstone, on the other hand, sticks to more traditional lighting elements that use materials like metal and glass to realize elegant forms.

Understanding ELK Lighting's Product Range

ELK Lighting's designs have a clear focus on innovation and quality. Catering to professional designers as well as homeowners, these products reflect a broader scope of aesthetic inspirations than you might encounter elsewhere. Nonetheless, the fact that the company releases its fixtures in well-organized collections makes it easy to keep your redecoration endeavors equally methodical. These lighting products are geared towards accessible opulence. Elements like scrollwork and antiqued bronze feature prominently, and the catalogs include a variety of ornately wrought glass chandeliers. Although the brands do incorporate some minimalistic modern designs here and there, their major focus lies in the realm of things like opulent medallions and the types of fixtures that wouldn't look too out of place in the middle of upscale mansions. Unlike many lighting companies, ELK Lighting's diversity also makes it possible to find a range of accessories to go with your new illumination system. For instance, the company offers floor lamps, electrical outlet plates and table lamps that ease the process of outfitting an entire space in style. Its sibling companies, like Dimond Home, also have a well-stocked catalog of accent furniture, rugs, mirrors and chairs. In other words, you can redesign a home or office from top to bottom without endlessly searching through different brands to find elements that mesh well.