Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting's Backstory

Hinkley Lighting got its start in Cleveland when Phil R. Hinkley founded it in 1922. At the time, the firm focused on creating lighting fixtures that it fabricated using solid copper. Although the company offers a huge range of products today, its first catalog included just fourteen different items.

During the 1930s, a traveling salesman named Stanley Wiedemer sold Hinkley Lighting products. As the firm grew, Wiedemer invested more of his own money into it. Eventually, he purchased the rights and brought his sons into the business. Hinkley would thrive throughout the war years and in the decades that followed.

Hinkley Lighting Today

Hinkley Lighting has grown way beyond its original staff of just a few dozen, yet it remains a family business. Today, the fourth generation of Wiedemers runs the firm. Along the way, Hinkley opened up massive corporate distribution centers and acquired high-end lighting manufacturer Fredrick Ramond. The company also diversified from its residential product lines to include fixtures made for corporate settings, like hospitality facilities.

The Hinkley Lighting Aesthetic

As you might expect from a firm with almost a century of lighting designs under its belt, Hinkley's collection runs the full gamut. From upscale traditionalism and rustic functionality to sheer modern artistry, the company’s expertise is by no means limited to a single genre.

Under the Hinkley Lighting brand, the firm produces a range of chandeliers, pendants, sconces and bathroom vanity lighting. Although these fixtures are quite varied, many share pervasive cleanliness and simplicity that make them instantly recognizable. Of course, there are plenty of stylistic outliers that go against the grain, but overall, the brand's designs are characterized by a self-contained refinement that furthers their versatility.

Hinkley's other lineups include products like Hinkley Hospitality, Landscape and Frederick Ramond. Although the functional purposes of these fixtures vary, they all adhere to the sleek design standards and observance of solid practicality that you'd encounter in the company's main catalog. In addition to classic lantern styles, the firm carries a variety of bollards and path lights that might defy your preconceptions by emitting light from where you least expect it. Hinkley's NUVI line, for instance, uses advanced technologies like LEDs to create compact illumination in minimalistic fixtures that suit a range of aesthetic tastes.

Ever focused on customer service, Hinkley Lighting offers a mobile app. This convenient tool provides designers and property owners with quick access to the firm's catalog and tips from professional artists. The company's established market positioning also means that it enjoys healthy relationships with a range of stylists and home decor mavericks, so it's relatively easy to find ideas that incorporate these products in innovative ways.

“Classic, timeless collections featuring a variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary for both your interior and outdoor lighting needs.” Hinkley Lighting is a family owned business that started in 1922 across four generations. Transformed from a small outdoor lantern company, Hinkley thrives on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design, and a family atmosphere. They have a commitment to keeping your ‘life aglow.’ Hinkley has one-of-a-kind styling, eco-friendly designs, is made in the USA, luxury brands, and has a noble heritage. They bring lighting, fashion and design together in a eco-friendly way to serve your lighting needs.Hinkley prides themselves in their ultimate combination of style and substance. In addition their new cutting-edge high lumen output integrated solutions gives world class high-energy saving standards using low VOC materials and a variety of eco-smart applications into design to make work environment for the Hinkley family.