Hudson Valley

The History of Hudson Valley Lighting

David Littman founded the modern incarnation of Hudson Valley Lighting in the 1980s, but the firm's roots go back years earlier. William Littman began inventing lighting fixtures in Brooklyn in 1939. By the end of the following decade, he moved his family and small company to the Hudson River Valley. David, William's grandson, was an apprentice at the family business, and after returning from college, he stepped into a leadership role.

What Should You Expect From Hudson Valley Lighting Today?

Through decades of refinement, this company adopted a philosophy of ensuring that the quality of its work matched its visual appearance. Although Hudson Valley Lighting accessories cater to those who appreciate aesthetic beauty, their manufacture also adheres to strict guidelines that assure the solidity and durability of the resulting products.

One noteworthy feature of this brand is that its fixtures are extremely diversified. The modern company may be a relatively new player on the scene, but its founder learned the lessons of his predecessors. The product line favors the time-honored motifs that make it compatible with a range of installation goals, and its creative minds aren't afraid to branch out into new territory. The Hudson Valley Lighting Contract & Hospitality division, for instance, works closely with architects and interior stylists to help create custom lighting suited for large-scale commercial installations. This team has also gained somewhat of a reputation for bespoke service.

A Quick Guide to the Catalog

Hudson Valley Lighting is just one of five product lines produced under the Littman Brands umbrella. While it leverages traditional and vintage inspirations to create elements for use in a range of settings, it's decidedly forward-thinking. For instance, many of its pendants combine original lighting materials, like laser-cut clear acrylic, with polished nickel, aged brass and other classic substances to evoke new sensibilities with universal appeal. At the same time, however, the firm's designers have a healthy respect for the aesthetic standards of past eras.

Other Littman Brands lineups include Troy Lighting, which represents its transitional flair with cast iron and filament bulbs yet still manages to incorporate open geometric forms into its repertoire. Corbett Lighting, on the other hand, goes completely artistic by building on organic shapes, intricate patterns and materials like ornate silver leaf and natural cut agate. The resulting Hudson Valley chandelier and pendant designs can't help but act as centerpieces in luxurious settings. Just in case you thought that these brands might be too fancy for your tastes, their Creative System Lighting catalog steps away from tradition with understated LEDs, task fixtures and recessed illumination that's anything but obtrusive.

As a modern company, Hudson Valley Lighting maintains a robust social media presence. If you're trying to get a better feel for the kinds of lighting that the firm offers, then its digital look books and posts are good sources of inspiration.

Hudson Valley Lighting prides themselves on constant, close attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality. Further, the produce fixtures to intractable standards since their inception. They have an array of influences such as their neoclassic collection, or utility of industrial design, and they expand possibilities for each signature style for today’s eclectic interiors. From their New York design studio to their riverside factories, Hudson discovers design motifs that are varied and exciting. Additionally, they use superior manufacturing techniques such as heavy casting, and hand-rubbed finishes whose beauty lasts for generations to come. Their pride in close-attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality. David Littman is the founder of Hudson Valley Lighting. With thirty-five years in the lighting business, Littman has an infectious exuberance from every aspect of the business from design, conference calls, operations, to global sales.

“It’s not enough for an object to look great; it must be made to last for future generations to appreciate it.” - Hudson Valley Lighting Founder, David Littman Littman’s affinity for lighting started before he was born. His grandfather, William Littman, was inspired by fluorescent lighting introduced the to mainstream building industry at New York World’s Fair, and transformed a garage-based business into an expanded operation along the Hudson River Valley. After completing his MBA in finance, Littman took the helms of the business.