Minka Aire

About Minka Aire

The Minka Aire brand is part of the Minka Group, a Corona, California, company that specializes in fans and decorative lighting elements. In addition to its distribution center in Corona, the company also has roots in Concord, North Carolina, and it maintains operations outside of North America.

Minka Group has a history that's been decades in the making. Today, its brands include George Kovacs, which enjoys a reputation built up over 60 years, and Metropolitan Lighting Fixture Company, which dates back to 1939. It also owns Minka Aire, Minka-Lavery, Ambience and The Great Outdoors.

Minka Aire's Modern Offerings

Minka Aire strives to produce fans that are as versatile as possible, and this philosophy goes beyond their incorporation of diverse design principles. The company also fabricates its own wall-mounted and hand-held remote control systems, which makes installing and using these products far more convenient than it would be if consumers had to mix and match.

Of course, this pursuit of convenience doesn't mean that you have to settle for something predefined. Minka Aire offers a vast catalog of compatible glass shades, so it's possible to personalize any fixture in short order. In addition to its enormous array of sleek ceiling models, the company fabricates high-speed floor and tabletop fans as well as industrious-looking double ceiling fans that are ideal for commercial spaces.

What Makes Minka Aire Fans Different?

Whereas the other Minka Group lines tend to stick to specific stylistic modes, Minka Aire exhibits a refreshingly broad range of influences. For instance, best-selling products like its 52-inch Wave feature smooth aerodynamic curves that make it hard to distinguish where the fan's blades begin and its main body ends. In contrast, the similarly sized Contractor Unipack is all classicism, with a traditional shape separated from the ornately etched light diffuser bowl that it floats above. The Concept II lies somewhere in between, taking the functional purpose of the Wave and imbuing it with a more industrious attitude, but its sleek curves are no less forceful or impressive. Designs like the Contractor and Supra are rooted in quiet purposefulness, yet their use of rich walnut and machined brass generates a contrast that keeps them eternally fresh.

Minka Aire products reveal a unique marriage of undebatable artistic conviction and unostentatious design principles. The creative influences who lent their talents to the birth of these pieces obviously respect all things aesthetic and graceful, yet they haven't overlooked convenience, durability or build quality.

True, this isn't a brand that you can pin down easily, but it lends itself to heightened freedom of design. Minka Aire devices feature not only distinctly chic stylistic influences but also a tremendous breadth of materials from wood and resin to cast aluminum and wrought iron. It's up to you how you want to put these elements to use.