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Wall Lights

Wall Lamps Can Take You to New Realms of Design Freedom

Wall lights make it possible to grant spaces added dimension without having to redefine them from the ground up. Why not take advantage of this rare chance to create innovative surroundings?

Some design challenges are hard to solve. How do you liven up a tired old space or tie an entire home together using a unified theme without losing sight of each room's unique personality? Although the world of interior layout is fraught with tricky twists and turns, one thing is certain: Working with the right tools makes it much easier to succeed, and wall lights are versatile enough to ensure that you're always equipped with the proper options.

How Will You Know When You've Found the Perfect One?

From elegant glass and metal teardrops to sconces crafted from the rich hues of auburn-stained wood, wall lights are tremendously varied. Although it may seem difficult to choose just one, a good rule of thumb is to go with whatever speaks to your soul. Just like every interior designer, each wall light has a distinct, well-defined personality that makes itself apparent the instant you see it for the first time. Trusting your inner voice by choosing something that resonates with you is usually the best option.

There's also nothing wrong with exploring and discovering new ideas and concepts. Just ask yourself: "Why does this room need extra lighting, and how can I use it to my advantage?" From there, it's simple to decide whether you'd be better served by something like a downward-facing picture light, a radiant LED sconce, or a decorative bath bracket that both illuminates and leaves a noteworthy visual impression. By listening to your own needs and then considering the options, you'll find it far easier to make a decision that you feel good about.

Should You Choose a Specific Style of Wall Lighting?

Living among attractive surroundings is one of the world's greatest pleasures, especially when you can say that you had a hand in their creation. With wall lights, this means that you don't have to feel pressured to cling to some predefined theme. Although you can use lookbooks and collections to find pointers that help you realize enticing visions of chic class, you should never assume that sticking to a style equals giving up on experimentation.

Wall lighting is a perfect example of this because it comes in such a broad variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Since there's such a massive selection to choose from, you can really take advantage of the chance to feel your way around individual thematic philosophies. For instance, a Transitional-style wall light that incorporates smooth metallic planes or cloth-covered diffusers might fit well with a modern sconce that sticks to similar Minimalist forms.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed By All the Options?

There are no real mistakes in the realm of functional wall lighting. There are only new modes of self-expression. Talk to a Lamps Expo consultant to find yours.

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