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Sconces Deliver Subtle Touches of Elegance That Make Walls More Functional

Is a wall just a wall? Far too many interior decorators seem to get hung up on the idea that these common building elements can't be anything more than what they are at face value. In reality, however, vertical surfaces are the perfect staging areas for functional lighting that grants them heightened atmosphere. Wall sconces let you transform the plain and unadorned into new, fashionable elements that make your home way more interesting to occupy.

Why Stick to Wall Sconces?

Wall Sconces require very little space, but they get a lot done in the areas allotted to them. For instance, you can pick an element with one or multiple lights to not only brighten a zone that doesn't seem to get much natural illumination but also give your home the artistic flair that you prefer. Since many sconces are designed as complements to chandeliers and pendants, it's easy to create an orderly, self-contained arrangement whose pieces mesh together extremely well.

Where, How and Why Should You Install Sconces?

It's usually easy to decide where fixtures like chandeliers and pendants ought to hang, but sconces can seem a bit challenging because they work in so many locations. In reality, however, the question isn't as complicated as many people assume. For instance, if you know that a particular nook is constantly shrouded in shadow, then mounting a sconce there makes perfect sense.

What about cases where you have an abundance of space to work with? The key usually lies in maintaining balance. Long hallways, for example, may benefit from the installation of multiple sconces that increase visibility, but not if you group them all together. Always measure the precise dimensions of the wall that you'd like to modify so that you can place your new lighting elements in an arrangement that makes sense from a visual and practical standpoint.

Many sconces cast even light all around, but others focus on projecting illumination in specific directions. Take this into consideration when you're trying to brighten up specific areas. You're free to pick any style or variety, but contemplating the functional aspects of your aesthetic choices is always a smart idea.

Want to Reinvigorate Your Surroundings? Try Adding a Wall Sconce.

Whether you prefer classic upscale torchieres or futuristic organic forms, the world of wall sconce lighting is truly boundless. Don't be too timid to venture beyond the layout concepts that you find most familiar.

Taking a chance on something new is an awesome way to expand your horizons. Thanks to their small size, these lights let you create a strong theme that stands alone even as it harmonizes with what's around it. Start a discussion about sconces with a Lamps Expo team member today.

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