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How do I know which lighting style suits my needs?

How do I know which lighting style suits my needs?

Lighting Styles

No matter what color you put on the walls or how you arrange your furniture, one of the most important elements of interior design is lighting. After all, lighting is necessary to support the other design elements, and the style of lighting that you choose has a dramatic impact on the overall feel of your space. That is why you need to take extra care to pick the right lighting style for your room.




Contemporary lighting features modern design that pushes boundaries, which means you may find light fixtures with unexpected flair. Because of this, contemporary lighting is also very diverse. You can find fixtures in all shapes and colors. Many fixtures feature multiple bulbs, which can provide a lot of light in an original fashion. One of the benefits of contemporary lighting is that it often spreads out the light very well. Contemporary style often utilizes chrome, which will be apparent in your fixtures as well.


Contemporary Fixture



While contemporary fixtures push boundaries, traditional lighting offers a more classic feel. These fixtures are usually made with more aged colors, featuring brass, pewter, nickel and more. Most of the time, the lighting is also less bright because the glass is often tinted or coated. In fact, traditional lighting may be an excellent way to create an ambient feel in your room. Many fixtures provide a softer glow. Traditional fixtures often utilize ornate finishes, which can have a dramatic effect.


Traditional Fixture



Transitional lighting is the best of both worlds. Although there are traditional elements to these fixtures, they also have quirky and unexpected finishes. For example, transitional lights may have the color and texture of a traditional style but with a modern shape. This is best for an eclectic room since it blends multiple design styles together. You may also pick transitional lighting for traditional or contemporary interior design. In this manner, your lighting fixture can be an unexpected accent piece, providing a classic feel in a modern space or a contemporary flair in a more traditional room.


Transitional Fixture



Rustic style lighting offers an aged feel without the formal nuances. Instead, rustic fixtures have an earthy feel. Many feature wood or wood styling, and aged metal is also very common. Because of this, rustic lighting is often preferred in more stylized design schemes. If you are decorating your room like a lodge or have a woodsy theme, you may pick rustic lighting as an accent. Moreover, rustic fixtures are also great for ambient lighting. In many cases, the light is shaded by tinted glass, which lessens its intensity.




On the other end of the spectrum, industrial lighting is often very bright. These fixtures are usually streamlined with minimal flourishes. Industrial fixtures are generally made with polished metals and feature bare bulbs. This not only provides a unique design element, but it can also offer brighter lighting overall. Industrial lighting is best paired with contemporary designs and spaces with a minimalist edge. Some fixtures are designed for higher ceilings for a notable look.

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