• Guide To Ceiling Lights: Sizing

    Guide To Ceiling Lights: Sizing
    Using incorrectly sized lights can completely throw off the atmosphere of an entire space and hinder lighting functionality. Not all lights are suitable for a location. Some may be too big, some may be too small, and others may not provide the right amount of illumination. Knowing how to measure your fixtures avoids these issues. It provides comfort and enhances visual appeal. Get the...
  • Recessed Lighting Without Attic Access

    Recessed Lighting Without Attic Access
    Maybe you’ve thought about illuminating your room with ambient lighting or adding accent lighting for artwork you have on display. Ceiling recessed lighting would be the perfect solution, but you have one major problem keeping you from installing them. No attic. When rooms are on the first floor of a home or there isn’t attic access you’ll have to think of another way to...
  • 3 Ways To Enhance Your Closet Lighting Design

    3 Ways To Enhance Your Closet Lighting Design
    When you open your closet, you’re probably staring into dark and unwelcoming space. Putting an outfit together is difficult when you can’t see the colors and textures of the material. Rummaging through drawers for accessories becomes frustrating. Luckily, there are three ways you can step up your closet game and transform the space from dim and dungeon-like to bright and inviting. 
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