• 6 Dining Room Lighting Ideas

    6 Dining Room Lighting Ideas
    From dinner with your family or drinking wine with guests, to doing work, your dining room is a versatile space. So, having the right lighting for your dining room to accompany each occasion is a must. A lot goes into creating the perfect lighting design. Lighting layers will impact the look and feel of the dining room so it is necessary to use the...
  • 5 Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

    5 Bedroom Chandelier Ideas
    Chandeliers, once an unconventional bedroom fixture, are now a way to add function and form to the space. We have compiled a list of 5 ways to incorporate chandeliers into your bedroom.
  • The Dark Sky Movement: Light Pollution for Dummies

    The Dark Sky Movement: Light Pollution for Dummies
    Think you’re doing your part for the environment by sorting your recyclable waste and carpooling? Carbon emissions and landfill mass aren’t the only types of pollution that you need to consider. Light pollution is a well-established phenomenon that has many negative impacts on the planet. Here’s why it’s so important and how dark-sky movements and smarter lighting standards are leading the charge to put...
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