• Lighting a Small Bathroom

    Lighting a Small Bathroom
    <p>Everyone is downsizing. From small urban apartments to eco-friendly tiny houses, little is the new big. But just because a bathroom is small (under 50 sq. ft.) doesn’t mean it can’t have a beautiful, impressive lighting design. Let’s go over everything you need to know to light your small bathroom.</p>
  • Your Guide To Lighting Styles

    Your Guide To Lighting Styles
    Although the world of lighting is packed with unique designs, most fixtures draw their inspirations from a few distinct stylistic families. This simple breakdown makes it far easier to pick your favorites and coordinate them with other decor elements.
  • Planning a Lighting Makeover: Bathroom

    Planning a Lighting Makeover: Bathroom
    Bathrooms often get overlooked when people redecorate, but yours is far more than just a functional space. These diminutive rooms have the potential to become cozy sanctuaries that let you escape from the stresses of the outside world. Of course, their ability to do so depends on the mood that you set using lighting. Is it time to give your bathroom a makeover? Here’s...
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