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Summer Time Sale! - Enjoy Savings Up To 40% OFF
Summer Time Sale! - Enjoy Savings Up To 40% OFF
A series of Square Recessed Lighting on a ceiling.

Illuminate with Elegance: Discover Top-Brand Recessed Lighting at Our LA Showroom

Recessed Lighting Installation Showcased in a new construction home.

Los Angeles Designers and Architects: Elevate Your Spaces with Leading Recessed Lighting Solutions

In the world of architectural design and interior elegance, the right lighting is pivotal. It's the subtle art of blending functionality with style — and recessed lighting is at the forefront of this fusion. We invite you to our Los Angeles lighting showroom, where sophistication meets utility with our premier collection of recessed lighting from industry-leading brands like WAC Lighting, Nora Lighting, and Elco Lighting.

Recessed Lighting: The Art of Discreet Illumination

Recessed lighting offers a sleek and modern approach to lighting design, seamlessly integrating into ceilings and walls to enhance the ambiance without interrupting the flow of your space. Our showroom provides an extensive selection of the latest innovations from brands that are synonymous with quality and innovation.

WAC Lighting: Renowned for their state-of-the-art LED technology, WAC Lighting brings you recessed fixtures that are not only energy-efficient but also offer superior performance and longevity. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your projects will shine with unmatched clarity and ambiance.

Nora Lighting: With a focus on versatility and style, Nora Lighting’s recessed options are designed to address the diverse needs of any project. From adjustable and dimmable lights to a variety of color temperatures and beam spreads, Nora offers solutions that empower you to create the perfect atmosphere.

Elco Lighting: Elco’s recessed lighting solutions are celebrated for their reliability and wide range of applications. Whether you're working on residential or commercial projects, Elco provides innovative designs that promise easy installation and enduring elegance.

New Recessed Lighting Installation in a new construction family home.

Experience Lighting Innovation Firsthand

We understand the importance of seeing and feeling the product in action. Our showroom is designed to allow you to experience how these top-tier lighting options can transform a space. Each brand we showcase has been selected for its commitment to quality and excellence in lighting design.

Expert Guidance for Your Selection

Choosing the right recessed lighting can be a detailed process. That's why our knowledgeable staff is on hand to guide you through each step, from understanding the nuanced differences between each brand's offerings to selecting the perfect fixtures for your specific project requirements.

Join Us for an Illuminating Experience

Visit us at our lighting store on 323 S. La Brea Avenue and discover how our carefully curated selection of WAC, Nora, and Elco lighting can bring a new dimension to your projects. Whether you're looking to create a subtle background illumination or a dramatic lighting feature, we have the expertise and products to bring your vision to life.

For more information or to schedule a personalized consultation, please contact us at

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