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Summer Time Sale! - Enjoy Savings Up To 40% OFF
Spark Your Imagination with the Schonbek Beyond Collection at Lamps Expo

Spark Your Imagination with the Schonbek Beyond Collection at Lamps Expo

Schonbek Beyond's Atomic Crystal Pendant

As a leading destination for designer residential lighting in Los Angeles, Lamps Expo is thrilled to showcase the Schonbek Beyond collection, an innovative series that takes luxury lighting to new heights. With a seamless blend of Schonbek's historic 150-year heritage and today's cutting-edge LED technology, the Beyond collection offers an unrivaled blend of tradition and innovation.

Schonbek Beyond: Unprecedented Elegance in Luxury Lighting Design

The Schonbek Beyond collection stands as a beacon for professionals such as interior designers, homebuilders, and contractors, as well as discerning homeowners seeking to infuse their spaces with a unique blend of elegance and modernity. This collection not only exemplifies craftsmanship and design prowess, but it also incorporates a key feature—an on-board LED color temperature switch—that allows for custom lighting adjustments, ranging from warm (3000K), warm white (3500K), or to cool white (4000K), to perfectly cater to the ambience of any space.

Schonbek Beyond's Mosaic Crystal Pendant

Illuminate Your Creativity: The Multifaceted Brilliance of Beyond

Beyond’s true showstopper lies in its heart: the fine, multifaceted crystals adorning each fixture. These are no ordinary crystals. Each one is carefully cut to perfection, resulting in an array of prisms that cast spectacular light shows on your walls and ceilings. The allure of these crystals transforms the fixtures into art pieces, making them a stunning focal point in any room.

Picture the grandeur of a Beyond chandelier suspended in a foyer, with countless crystals shimmering as they scatter light across the room. Visualize a cozy reading nook, adorned with a wall sconce that emits a gentle glow through a cascade of crystals. Imagine a stylish vanity light in a bathroom, its multifaceted crystals adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Beyond is more than just lighting—it's an immersive experience in every space it illuminates.

From Indoor Elegance to Outdoor Radiance

The Beyond collection offers an array of fixtures to cater to various spaces and design needs. Its indoor collection includes exquisite chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, recessed lights, and elegant flush and semi-flush mounts. For exterior applications, Beyond extends its charm with weather-resistant outdoor sconces and vanity lights. Each piece, indoors or out, leverages the allure of multifaceted crystals to transform everyday spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Schonbek Beyond's Polar Crystal Outdoor Sconce

Spark Your Design Vision

Schonbek Beyond provides a canvas for creativity, encouraging you to design spaces that are reflections of personal style or your clients' unique preferences. Are you creating a glamorous dining room? Consider a chandelier in polished nickel. Designing a modern kitchen? Pendant lights in brushed nickel could add a contemporary flair. Or perhaps you're crafting a serene outdoor haven; an outdoor sconce in aged brass could offer a warm, inviting glow.

Allow the Schonbek Beyond collection to inspire your creativity.

Schonbek Beyond's Heracles Crystal Pendant

Explore Schonbek Beyond at Lamps Expo

At Lamps Expo, we're proud to feature the Schonbek Beyond collection in our showroom, inviting professionals and homeowners alike to experience the exquisite interplay of light and crystal. Discover the bold design motifs, the flexible color temperature control, and the boundless creative opportunities inspired by this exceptional collection.

Whether you're an interior designer seeking an unforgettable statement piece, a contractor looking for reliable, versatile fixtures, or a homeowner planning a luxurious upgrade, the Schonbek Beyond collection promises an unmatched blend of elegance, functionality, and extraordinary style.

Visit our Los Angeles Lighting Showroom.

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