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5 Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

5 Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

Chandeliers, once an unconventional bedroom fixture, are now a way to add function and form to the space. We have compiled a list of 5 ways to incorporate chandeliers into your bedroom.

Above Your Nightstand

Ditch table lamps or wall sconces and make an impact with a large chandelier. Make sure to hang it 20-30 inches above your nightstand.

Centered Chandelier

Provide overall lighting by placing the chandelier in the middle of the room. The attention-grabbing fixture makes a bold statement the moment you enter the bedroom.

Over Workstations and Dressers

It is a great way to avoid clutter and free up surface space. Not to mention, it provides flattering light, useful when using the vanity area. Hang it 30-36 inches above the table surface to prevent hitting your head or obstructing your view.

Workstation Chandelier

Above a Bed

A chandelier above your bed is a great source of ambient lighting. Use it supplement recessed lighting, wall sconces, and any floor or table lamps.

Above the bed chandelier

Twin Chandeliers

Install two smaller chandeliers above each nightstand on both sides of the bed. For bigger rooms, two chandeliers on opposite ends of the room will make a visual impact and provide an evenly well-lit space.

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