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Designer Lighting & Fans Sale! - Explore Savings Up To 50% OFF
Designer Lighting & Fans Sale! - Explore Savings Up To 50% OFF

Hudson Valley

Shop Our Home Lighting Store's Hudson Valley Collection

Rooted in the historic charm of New York's Hudson Valley region, Hudson Valley Lighting stands as an emblem of luxury, quality, and timeless design in the world of decorative lighting fixtures. Founded in 1929, the brand has built a legacy that seamlessly weaves classic motifs inspired by the Hudson Valley's rich architecture and history with cutting-edge modern aesthetics.

Each fixture, whether it’s a chandelier dripping with crystals or a minimalist modern pendant, showcases Hudson Valley Lighting’s dedication to superior craftsmanship. Prioritizing the use of high-end materials such as brass, wrought iron, and crystal, and complementing them with energy-efficient LED technology, Hudson Valley Lighting not only ensures your spaces shine brilliantly but also with sustainability in mind.

From regal homes and high-end businesses to public spaces of distinction, Hudson Valley Lighting fixtures find their place, casting a glow of elegance and style. With an expansive range of styles and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the brand consistently delivers on its promise of quality. Coupled with their exceptional customer service, it's clear why Hudson Valley Lighting remains a top choice for those seeking both beauty and brilliance in lighting.