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Redefine Your Idea of Conventional Chandeliers

When you picture a chandelier, what passes through your head? Although you can't be blamed for conjuring up images of opulence or polished surroundings, things have changed since the era of ballroom dances and palace galas. Today, chandeliers are more ubiquitous than ever, and they represent the pinnacle of lighting design for the masses.

How Can Chandeliers Help You Refine Your Decor Philosophy?

Long ago, chandeliers were essentially functional hangers that helped candlelight spread to the farthest corners of an illuminated space. Over time, their original plain designs evolved to incorporate more dynamic elements and become symbolic of high status. Today, chandeliers still hold the innate ability to give their surroundings an instant flair that speaks of refinement and class. Although they're no longer reserved for those who have money to spend, they can help any home seem richer because of the obvious attention to detail and love of design with which they're made. Chandeliers may come in thousands of distinct styles, but they all share the unmistakable hallmarks of learned craftsmanship.

Using the Strengths of Chandelier-oriented Layout Planning

With examples ranging from the purely functional to the truly ornate, chandeliers make it possible to reach deep into your subconscious and give birth to a unique arrangement. For instance, an already-busy space might benefit from the installation of a simple hanging fixture that only has three or four lights. In an emptier room, choosing a more complex form resplendent with wrought-iron filigrees and hanging crystal may be the best way to center everything around a clear focal point. There are also different styles, from modern to traditional, to match existing decor. How can you decide where the ideal balance between detail and simplicity lies? Most interior stylists and design professionals recommend trying different options.

It's not always easy to visualize how a given room will look with a specific lighting element. Don't be afraid to work with mock-ups, lighting software and other tools that let you see how a particular fixture will appear in your area of choice. Chandeliers may not be the same big-ticket items that they once were, but their size and stature still make it reasonable to consider your options carefully.

When All Else Fails, Depend on the Experts

Choosing a chandelier can be a big decision, so it's natural to worry about the outcome. Why not take a load off your shoulders by talking to someone who's been through it all before?

Learn how to incorporate chandeliers into your next successful interior redesign project. Talk to a specialist at Lamps Expo to find out what might be right for you, and start treating yourself to the high-class atmosphere that you deserve.

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