• What Are Deck Lights?

    What Are Deck Lights?
    Deck lights are lights that are installed on a deck or patio to provide illumination. They can be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes, such as providing light for safety and navigation, or highlighting the deck's design and features. Deck lights can come in a variety of styles, such as recessed, post-mounted, or rail-mounted, and can be powered by electricity or solar power....
  • Garden Lighting Guide: What You Need to Know

    Garden Lighting Guide: What You Need to Know
    When lighting your garden, it’s important to have proper lighting that will serve your lighting purpose. How you plan on using your lights will determine what kind of lights you need and where they should be placed. People usually aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of garden lighting design or what methods to use. So, if you don’t educate yourself on the process,...
  • Buyer’s Guide to Landscape Lighting Design

    Buyer’s Guide to Landscape Lighting Design
    If you have ever taken on any large task you probably had some sort of game plan before you started. Without planning, you will likely end up with an unfinished project, leaving you defeated, frustrated, and disappointed. Attempting to do your own landscape lighting design is definitely one of those projects that will require tons of planning, time, and labor. Beginning your DIY quest...
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