• 6 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom (using lights)

    6 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom (using lights)
    Beyond just being the place where the beauty of you comes out, it’s also your inner sanctum, your sanctuary, and a relaxing refuge of relief. It’s the first place you see yourself in the morning and the last place you’ll see yourself at night – and for that reason, it deserves to be the place where you’ll see yourself in your best possible light.
  • Bathroom Lighting Tips

    Bathroom Lighting Tips
    Your bathroom is a special place—of refuge and retreat, luxury and self-care. So why is your bathroom lighting so dull? Whether you’re planning a major remodel or a modest upgrade, here are some tips and strategies to light up your bathroom world.
  • Bathroom Lighting Buyer's Guide

    Bathroom Lighting Buyer's Guide
    Are you looking to redecorate your bathroom? Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts have already caught on to the fact that a little extra design work in the bathroom goes a long way. A simple and inexpensive way to enhance the look of a bathroom is through careful lighting design. Good bathroom lighting is easy to overlook, but a savvy decorator can see plenty of opportunities...
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