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Summer Time Sale! - Enjoy Savings Up To 40% OFF
Top Ceiling Fans

Top Ceiling Fans

Spring has officially sprung and it is now the unofficial appointed time to consider adorning rooms with fans to prepare for the eventual departure of the cold season into the warmer days of late-spring and summer. To make things easier for our curious reader, here is a list of our top ceiling fans to assist in making the arbitrary decision of choosing which one is best for you.


Best Ceiling Fans

Minka-Aire Light Wave LED 52-inch Ceiling Fan


 Why you should choose: Why it might not be for you:
  • Comes with an integrated LED Lighting Kit (Dimmable)
  • Down rod might not be aesthetically pleasing for everyone
  • Includes Hand-Held Remote
  • Indoor only
  • Variable Blade Pitch



The Light-Wave is currently available in four finishes, namely: coal, distressed koa, silver and white.  The different variations only further augments the argument to being the one of the best fans as the options to choose from would most certainly cater to the style of a person's (presumably) already painted/decorated room or space. In addition to the reasons stated above, Minka Aire fans--in general--are in demand. Which makes this not only a quality fan, but is also a highly sought after fixture. If information provided above isn't enough for you, then the sheer amount of people who buy this fan--and fans from Minka Aire--surely will. 



Maverick 60-inch Ceiling Fan


Why you should choose: Why it might not be for you:
  • Includes Hand-Held Remote
  • A bit on the pricier end
  • Damp-Rated
  • Air efficacy is average
  • Is available in different blade sizes
  • Can be installed on a vaulted ceiling
  • Light-kit included version available



In contrast to the Light-Wave, the Maverick fan is more modest in terms of design but boasts sleek elegance nonetheless. The fan is available in a variety of different motor and blade finishes which allows you to match them how you prefer.

Its size compliments wide rooms and its damp-rating allows it to be installed in patios. Despite its large size, the Maverick features a quiet motor that the light-sleepers and the easily-distracted are sure to appreciate. Lastly, if your ceiling is too high, additional down rods are offered to ensure your desired distance from ceiling to fan and fan to floor is attained.


Meridian 52-inch LED Ceiling Fan

 Why you should choose: Why it might not be for you:
  • Contemporary Design
  • Does not come with a hand-held remote
  • Integrated LED light-kit included
  • Limited finish options
  • Desirable Air Efficacy


Simplistic and contemporary; the style of this fan is more than likely for a more specific area in mind and not as flexible as the first two but its certain to satisfy a modern-looking space aesthetically. One potential downside or a "nitpick", if you will, is that it is only available in either matte black or brushed nickel which, for some, is more than enough options but for those who seek a less standard finish, then they would find it quite lacking. This Meridian fan does boast a higher air efficacy than the previous two which means it will have excellent airflow if that is a specific feature that is important to you.


Closing Remarks

As with most fixtures, people have each and their own preferences and this would apply to fans as well. Some prefer functionality over design and some vice versa and some who just want the most energy-efficient available. Those who are looking to purchase a fan would be dependent on their location, the area where it's being installed to and their own personal style. This list serves to provide options that we think can cater to most criteria, if not all, that is taken into consideration when choosing a fan. If you have any questions regarding technicalities and terms, feel free to reach out and we'd gladly assist.

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