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Top Outdoor Wall Sconces

Top Outdoor Wall Sconces

If you're currently shopping for outdoor lighting fixture and you find yourself in indecision on which suits you the best, it is sometimes a good idea to compare what others are getting, why they are getting it and why they didn't go for something else. This way, while your opinion or preference may not align, you'd more than likely form an opinion or a better understanding of what you want as a reaction to what you've just learned.

So, as a help to you in our intended way or another, here is a list of our top outdoor wall sconces and why it may or may not be for you.

Helix LED Outdoor Wall Sconce

outdoor contemporary wall sconce in bronze WS-W34517-BZ

 Why it could be for you

Why it could not be for you
  • Contemporary
  • Two finish options only
  • LED Bulb
  • Integrated Module


The Helix has a contemporary style. It should be easier for people to decide whether this design is what they need as--I believe, at least--modern style fixtures are less flexible and less versatile than their traditional contrast. This fixture comes with an LED bulb; the only down-side to this LED bulb is that it is integrated into the fixture. The integration itself is not the issue. The issue lies with if or when the bulbs dies, the module itself will need replacing. The module is replaced by the manufacturers themselves as long as it is under warranty but a request would need to get sent for the replacement to get processed as opposed to simply removing and replacing like how you would a screw-in bulb.

Seoul 2 Light Outdoor Wall Sconce

outdoor wall sconce in black 571M-BK
 Why it could be for you Why it could not be for you
  • Could be pricier than what your allotted budget
  • Screw-in Bulb
  • Two finish options only

Traditional and simplistic elegance. The Seoul 2-light is captivating with its lantern-like design. It takes in candelabra-based bulbs which I personally feel is a perfect type of bulb to fit its design. The one reason you might not want this lamp is it could be a bit pricier than your standard wall sconce but if you've set a budget that this could fit into then by all means as this is guaranteed of quality make.

 Marion Square 1-Light Outdoor Lantern

outdoor wall sconce in rustic black MSQ8409RK
Why it could be for you Why it could not be for you
  • Only available in one finish
  • Screw-in Bulb


The Marion Square is a two-toned finish wall lantern. Its black rustic paint complemented by the aged walnut finish make it perfect for rustic-themed houses. The only reason you don't want to order this lamp is that you really have no other option for the finish.

Portside 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce

outdoor wall sconce in bronze 10182OIAB
 Why it could be for you Why it could not be for you
  • Bulb not easily replaced
  • Nautical Style
  • Only available in one finish
  • Screw-in Bulb


The Portside 1-light wall sconce is nautical in terms of style. This could be a great addition to those who are going for a maritime-themed home. One reason we find that this may not be for you is if you ever plan on replacing the bulb or needing to replace it, it may require some minor unscrewing and the removal of the glass then placing it back again.

Bianca 1-Light Outdoor Sconce 

outdoor wall sconce in bronze 45144/1
Why it could be for you  Why it could not be for you
  • Only available in one finish
  • Screw-in Bulb


The Bianca 1-Light Sconce, with its sharp edges, has an imposing and stern design. If someone were to fancy themselves beguiled by such style, then this fixture is one of the top and one to consider. It is available in only one finish, however, and this reason alone can deter someone who is looking for fixtures that are as specific as this light.

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